CBD Oil VS Copaiba Oil: Things That You Need To Know

If you haven’t heard about Copaiba oil and CBD yet, you are missing a lot. Both have medicinal benefits and are used by a lot of people who have chronic pain and arthritis. And because of the potency of both products, a lot of debates and discussions. Which one is better to use and which one is more cost-effective?

Copaiba oil and CBD oil might both be known for its medicinal benefits. However, the two products are very different when it comes to extraction and content. If you’re trying to find the difference between the two, you came to the right place. In this article, the difference between Copaiba oil and CBD oil is discussed.

Copaiba Oil Extraction And Benefits

Copaiba oil is extracted from the Copaiba trees which are common in South and Central America. As of now, there are more than 70 species of copaiba trees available, and all of these are able to produce copaiba-oil resin naturally. The copaiba oil resin is collected by inserting a pipe in a hole made into the trunk of the Copaiba tree. After the resin extraction, the essential oil would be made using steam distillation.

There are a lot of benefits you can get from using the copaiba essential oil. In fact, the use of copaiba oil was documented as early as the 16th century. Copaiba oil has been used by the natives of north and northeastern Brazil, as well as in Panama and Peruvian Amazon. Here are the common usages and Copaiba oil benefits.

  1. As an anti-inflammatory substance

According to a study conducted by the Laboratory of Experimental Neuroprotection and Neuroregeneration from the Institute of Biological Sciences in the Federal University of Para, the copaiba essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties. This is because the essential oil’s main property is the main compound called the beta-caryophyllene, which is an anti-inflammatory agent.

  1. As an aide to reduce pain

Beta-caryophyllene is one of the main components of copaiba oil. This compound is not just helpful because of its anti-inflammatory properties, but it is also an analgesic, or a substance that allows copaiba oil for pain reduction usages. A lot of people also use this oil to promote wound healing.

  1. As an antimicrobial agent

Another reason why copaiba oil is used in wounds is because of its antimicrobial properties. It is effective against a bacteria called the Staphylococcus aureus, which usually causes infection to wounds. Even a small amount of oil can significantly help inhibit the growth of the mentioned bacteria strain.

  1. For acne control

The Department of Pharmacy in Centro Universitario Vila Velha in Brazil made a study which states that copaiba oil is very effective in preventing acne growth. The study concluded that there is a significant decrease in acne on areas which are applied with the essential oil.

  1. For fighting autoimmune conditions

According to a study by the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, the anti-inflammatory properties of the copaiba oil is a very promising treatment for conditions affected by inflammatory and demyelinating diseases. Additionally, new studies suggest that the oil also helps in regulating the immune response of the body,

CBD Oil Extraction And Benefits

There are a lot of controversies that surround CBD and for this reason, CBD products are not as big in the past. Cannabidiol, a substance that can be found in hemp, which is marijuana’s cousin, has a lot of medical properties. Like the Copaiba oil, Cannabidiol is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to other things. If you’re worrying about psychoactive effects, the hemp has a more significant amount of CBD than THC, which is the one that gives the “high” from the Marijuana plant.

After the law that makes producing and selling hemp products was finally approved last year, a lot of companies started manufacturing CBD products. One of the most popular CBD products is the CBD oil. CBD products are legal in all the 50 states that legalize CBD. However, there are restrictions that are being implemented, depending on the states. CBD oil has a lot of medicinal properties, some are listed below.

  1. Can Reduce pain

Marijuana has been used to reduce pain in as early as 2900 B.C. because it also contains Cannabidiol. CBD is one of the components that gives pain-relieving properties.

  1. Can prevent inflammation

Just like Copaiba oil, CBD oil is used to reduce inflammation. In fact, CBD oil is being used to treat the pain of chronic illnesses, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis. In a study, CBD injections are used to reduce inflammation and nerve pain, but this method needs more research and testing.

  1. Can reduce acne formation

CBD oil can also reduce the amount of acne growth in the skin. The reason for this is the ability of the oil to reduce sebum production, Sebum is that part of the skin which secretes oil from the sebaceous glands.

  1. Can lower blood pressure

According to a study, a dose of 600mg of CBD oil can help in lowering high blood pressure. This can improve conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases to get worse and prevent heart damage.

  1. Can help in reducing anxiety and depression

A study which was conducted in Brazil concluded that both depression and anxiety could be reduced with the help of using CBD products.

Copaiba Oil VS CBD Oil

If you haven’t noticed it already, almost all the benefits of Copaiba oil and CBD oil are the same. This is the reason why there are a lot of oil debates and discussions about the two products. If the two oils are doing the same thing, then what is the better oil to be used? There is also confusion regarding the two products. Some users are convinced that they are using CBD when in fact, they are actually using Copaiba.

Copaiba oil and CBD oil are two different things. They might have some similarities, but the composition and the way of production are very different. For those who don’t know whether to choose CBD or copaiba products, the list below might help in clarifying your questions.

  1. Both have Beta-caryophyllene

The Beta-caryophyllene or BCP is present in both CBD and copaiba products. Remember that both products have anti-inflammatory properties, and this component is one of the main reasons. It is important to take note that the BCP oil present in copaiba oil is around 60% while CBD only contains between 2 and 30%. However, BCP is not the only component present in each plant.

  1. Both are useful in their own way

Although copaiba oil has more BCP content than CBD oil, it doesn’t really mean that it is better in all cases. BCP is just one of the components that both oils have. Each source was harvested from different plants; some of the components of copaiba do different things compared to components found in the hemp. Although both products can be used for inflammation, pain reduction, and acne problems, there are certain things that each product cannot do, and the usefulness of each product really depends on the situation.

  1. One might have a better effect than the other

There are times when medicinal products affect patients differently. Each patient can have a different reaction to treatments, and this is also true for medicinal products. Some people might find CBD oil more effective than Copaiba oil and vice versa.

  1. They affect receptors differently

Copaiba oil directly works with the CB2 receptor, a cannabinoid receptor that is mainly found on white blood cells, tonsils, and spleen. It has a close connection to the CB1 receptor, which is also a cannabinoid receptor. While Copaiba works with CB2 directly, CBD can only affect both CB1 and CB2 indirectly.

What Oil Should I Use?

Both Copaiba oil and CBD oil are potent and affordable. What is the product that would give me the most positive result? There are times when CBD oil is actually a better choice than copaiba oil and vice versa. Would it be better if I use both products? Both are available at affordable pricing, with Copaiba oil a bit cheaper than CBD oil.

The best advice is to try both of the products and see if what works the best for your case. In some cases, users both use copaiba and CBD oil alongside each other to make both of the products more effective. Copaiba oil is really a good anti-inflammatory agent and provides extra benefits too. However, CBD oil has more benefits because of more components present but comes at a higher price point because of additional components.

Companies That Offers Copaiba Oil And CBD Products

Young Living

One of the most popular producers of Copaiba oil is Young Living. It offers its Young Living Copaiba oil comes in a 15ml bottle which can be used both as an aromatic and a topical. The company offers this product for $58.22 in retail and $44.25 at a wholesale price. This product can be used as a moisturizer, perfume, and a diffuser. Young Living offers other essential oil such as Lavender essential oil and Tea Tree essential oil.

Young Living CBD oil is also available in different kind of bottles such as the Calm CBD oil, Cinnamond CBD oil, Citrus CBD oil, Cool Mint CBD oil, and more. A CBD muscle rub is also available in the company’s online market. This cream can be used after a tough workout or any other strenuous activities.


Doterra is another company that offers copaiba products. It similarly offers a Doterra copaiba essential oil 15ml bottle which can be used as an aromatic, topical, internally or dilute in other substances for use. You can have a 25% discount if you shop wholesale, but for that, you need to have a wholesale membership first. The 15ml bottle is available at $46.67. There is also a Doterra CBD oil offered with 0% to 8% CBD that starts from $75 and goes up to $180, depending on the potency.

In addition to copaiba oil and CBD oil, Doterra also offers other essential oil such as Thyme, Cardamom, Coriander, Peppermint Touch, and more. If you use a lot of Doterra products, you can avail the better prices by using the Rewards System and get 20% back on your purchases.


The Copaiba oil vs CBD discussion is not really necessary because both products are good in their own ways. Copaiba oil is an example of a very good anti-inflammatory product while CBD oil can be used to help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. The best way to utilize both of the medicinal benefits of both plants is to use them in conjunction with each other.

As per usage, Copaiba oil is available in a lot of flavors and variances. Most Copaiba oil products are used as an aromatic or a substance that creates a distinctive and pleasant smell. There are also copaiba oil products that can be used as a topical or mixture that the user can apply to the skin directly. Depending on your preference, both can serve different purposes in different situations.

Meanwhile, CBD oil is a product that is more popular in tincture form. CBD oil is usually consumed using droppers because potency is an important factor in CBD consumption. Tinctures can be unflavored or flavored and are usually in 600mg or 1200mg dosages per packages. If you don’t want to use droppers or any measuring equipment, you can opt for the soft gel or capsule form, which is already in the prescribed dosage. CBD oil can also be used to reduce symptoms of hyperactivity in pets.

If you want to use essential oil to cure arthritis and similar conditions, both CBD oil and copaiba oil will work wonders. Both are promising alternatives that give relief in both arthritis and chronic pain conditions. Copaiba oil is a more affordable option for people who like to use natural oil for arthritis and chronic pain.

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