Weed Decarboxylation: How And Why You Need To Do It?

One of the most common things to consider is how to get potent weed? The answer is simple and although may sound confusing at first, it is the extremely simple and easy process you can do at home. Decarb weed is the type of plant you need and want. Below, we will guide you through the entire process and cover all the details. Once you are done with reading, you can start doing it all by yourself.

Decarboxylation: What it is actually?

Decarboxylation or decarb weed if you prefer is a simple process that requires time and patience. It is used to make weed potent and to transform THCA into THC. Raw plants actually don’t contain THC, but rather THCA. It is a completely different ingredient that has to be changed or converted into THC.

THC is the ingredient that we all need. It is the one that makes us high and happy and it is probably the most essential element of weed. This happens when the weed, in raw form is exposed to heat, for a specific period of time. The THCA will change its composition into THC and when this happens, you are done with the process. The secret is knowing when to stop!

The word may sound complicated, but it basically means removal. As we have mentioned countless times the acids are going to be removed or transferred into psychoactive compounds we do need.

Raw weed: It doesn’t contain THC

Here is why you need to learn how to decarb weed. We all know about THC and CBD. The THC refers to the tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. These are two different chemicals we need and want to form the plant. But, in the raw state, they are not present here.

Raw weed contains THCA which is tetrahydrocannabinolic acid and CBDA which stands for cannabidiolic acid. The letter A in the name refers to acid term! The chemicals here are far from the same thing as the ones we want. They won’t help you get high nor will they help you eliminate pain.

The aforementioned chemicals are literally ineffective and they don’t react with the brain in the way the THC and CBD will. You need to dry the plant in order to get the compounds needed. This brings us to the next section.

Drying transforms THCA and CBDA into THC and CBD

Now you know that in raw form weed isn’t very useful. The key element here is to make it dry. You can use a natural method using the sun and you will still get the job done. However, most people decide to use an oven due to the fact it is a quicker and simpler process which also gives them more control.

While exposed to the heat, THCA and CBDA will chemically change and become THC and CBD. This happens slowly meaning that the temperature has to be carefully set! The actual process on how this works is extremely complicated and you need chemistry knowledge to understand it. We won’t waste your time by explaining it.

Here we can also add that the first weed that was used was dried on the sun and people were happy with the results. Over time they perfected the skill and started understanding how and what actually happens. These days many people prefer using the sun due to the natural method associated with the process. On the other hand, we prefer the oven process. It is quicker, you have a complete control and can perform it at any given moment.

Smoking dried bud isn’t as simple as it sounds

Now you believe that smoking a weed bud is the action you need and want. You can get the desired effect and you are professional when it comes to decarboxylate weed. There is one issue with the matter. The weed you are going to smoke is still in raw or partially raw form. If you are confused now, it means that you have read all from the beginning.

Raw weed including raw bud doesn’t contain ingredients you need to get high. They are present in the second case scenario in limited amounts, usually not sufficient to get you as ‘’happy’’ as needed. However, when you light the joint the instant Decarboxylation occurs. What this means is that the bud will burn and the THCA and CBDA will directly transform into THC and CBD. This is the main reason why you can get high despite the fact you will use raw weed! The byproduct of the process is CO2 or carbon dioxide.

For some of you, this is precisely what you need. After all, you will get high and the entire process is extremely simple. The problem occurs if or when you want to add weed to the pie, cookies or other foods. How you can do that? Let’s explain.

Consuming weed edibles

You want to eat foods or cookies with weed, but how you can get high doing so? The answer is simple and complicated at the same time. When you light up the joint you will create THC and CBD instantly and they will be delivered to your lungs and later to the brain where the magic happens. Having dry bud added to a pie or any other food is impossible to get you high simply because there is no needed temperature to transfer the mentioned ingredients.

All of this means that you will need to decarb weed first and then add it to the food. This is going to be the next step. Keep in mind that you have countless options and choices to include weed into the foods. You can make literally anything and you can even create your own recipe. The process is endless and there are countless examples of it. You can even have weed coffee or tea. They are widely popular at the moment.

Don’t forget about terpenes

Terpenes refers to the oils that are present in the weed. They come in many forms and they are responsible for giving the weed the smell and odor we all like. Try to remember that these oils make the weed smell accordingly to its strain. They are used to define the strain and we have bitter, sweet, spicy and many other variants.

This should help you understand that terpene is an important ingredient to the weed and to getting the taste and odor you need. On the other hand, decarboxylation temperature is generally high which damages terpenes. It will start dissolving at 310 degrees Fahrenheit. Weed needs 450 degrees Fahrenheit to create CBD and THC. The secret is to keep the temperature as low as possible or around 310 degrees Fahrenheit for a specific period of time. By using this tip, you will preserve terpenes but also get the other two ingredients we have mentioned.

Guide on how to decarboxylate weed

Here is the guide you have been looking for so long. It is simple and it should be taken into consideration especially if you are planning to make massive amounts of weed and smoke whenever you want or add it to the foods. Make sure not to skip a step or try and speed the things up, you will end up with damaged weed!

  1. Start with 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Preheat the oven precisely to this temperature.
  2. Use your hands or a knife to break the dry buds into small pieces. You don’t have to grind them through.
  3. Place the buds on the baking sheet evenly and make sure there are no too thick areas.
  4. Leave the cannabis baking at the specified temperature for 35 minutes.
  5. Don’t forget to stir and mix the buds every 10 minutes.
  6. Check the buds after 35 minutes. They have to be mid-brown and they need to smell great. If they look too raw keep them in the oven for an additional 10 minutes. Make sure to pay a close attention and remove them when the light brown color is present.
  7. Let it cool once you have removed it from the oven.
  8. Grind it into small pieces like oregano.
  9. Those of you who need powder, continue grinding and making the fine bud mixture.

Decarboxylation machine does exist and it can be a worthy investment if you are planning to do this all the time. We recommend you to start slow with the mentioned process, follow the steps and produce the powder that will help you achieve the needed effect.

Natural method

Yes, it is possible to decarb weed using the power of the sun. There is just one catch. You will need a lot of time. You will need one whole year. Honestly, there are no major advantages here. You will still get the same weed quality and you will get high in the same way. This method has been used before ovens became available, so you can get its importance back in a day.

How to decarboxylate weed using the natural method? All you have to do is to spread the buds in the sun and somewhere where the area is dry through the year. Leave them for 12 months and you are done. You have weed that is ready to be smoked, grinded and added to the foods. But, it is extremely time-confusing process and you will likely select the previous method.

What happens if you decarboxylate weed for too long?

Is it possible to perform the process for too long and damage the weed? The answer is yes. This happens in two cases. The first one is when you select higher than the needed temperature. This will literally burn the weed and completely destroy cannabinoids and terpenes. You won’t have anything left which defeats the purpose.

The second issue when you keep the weed in an oven longer than needed. Basically, the same issue will happen as the one we have just mentioned. Too much heat will destroy all the ingredients and chemicals. You will still get the powder but it won’t be very useful!

Won’t the ingredients be destroyed while preparing cookies?

The simplest answer is no. The decarbed weed will bond to the other ingredients perfectly. The heat needed to make a cookie is 350 degrees Fahrenheit which is slightly higher than 310 degrees Fahrenheit needed for the terpenes. Once connected to the ingredients need a much higher temperature to be damaged and lose their potency.

What this means is that you can prepare any type of food containing weed. The results are always going to be the same. Yes, you can burn the weed ingredients and damage them completely, but you will also ruin the main food which means you won’t be able to consume it, obviously.

Anyway, if you are still worried about this issue, make sure to start with foods that require the lowest temperature to be baked or cooked. There are all kinds of recipes and you can pick any one of them. Once you get a better idea on how this process works and what you can expect you are ready to move to the next treat and to create the next food that will give you the high feeling.

On the other side, there is no risk of any kind for low temperatures. They are harmless for the THC and CBD meaning you can make any frozen treat and you will still get the effect we are all looking for.

The final word

One way or another, decarb weed is the only type of weed that will actually give you all the benefits linked to THC and CBD. There are a lot of them and you can enjoy each one within 35 minutes (the time needed to complete the process). After you are done, you can add the powder, pieces to any food and make it precisely as you want. Just keep in mind that high temperature can and will have a negative effect on the weed and the ingredients you do need.

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