All-New Flavrx Review: Is It The Best Choice?

Some of us are perfectly familiar with the brand Flavrx and we can see it literally anywhere. The brand is popular on social media, billboards and so much more. It is unlikely to have one day without seeing their logo and their products. If you are THC fan, you probably have been in touch with their products in a recent period of time. Now is the time to see the complete review and with all the essentials.

Flavrx brand and products

Flavrx cartridge has been one of more popular choices out there. They have been with us for a long period of time and they provided us with countless perks, benefits, and great tasting oils.

The company is located in the United States, in Los Angeles more precisely and it is a well-known brand in the marijuana and THC communities all over the world. All of the products they have are properly tested and the results are widely available online. This is mandatory to consider when looking for a cartridge or THC oil in general and it must be considered. Flavrx cartridges have all the possible tests passed and they are cleared for general applications. We will discuss the matter later on.

Flavrx black label is a special line the brand offers. It has 80% of THC and it is considered as one of the most appealing choices the company has to offer. The color of the THC oil is amber and the taste is just perfect. We tested several flavors but the sativa strain is our choice. The main advantage is the strength which is lower than the usual products of this kind. It makes it ideal for beginners and for users who are still new to this realm.

Keep in mind that the brand offers yellow THC oils as well. They are slightly stronger and they can be a better choice for some of you. Ideally, you would try each product and determine which one is the best alternative. We tried all of them and we are more than just happy with the overall result and taste.

Unique manufacturing process

You will be proud to know that the Flavrx oil is made using a special method which isn’t available for other brands. It begins with cannabinoids which are purified using all-natural substances and additions. Then they are paired with the solvent-free process. During the process, the company will remove all the fats and waxes which can cause some conditions such as lipid pneumonia. The last step is to include terpenes to the equation. They are actually paired with the food-grade ingredients and they are preserved perfectly.

The bottom line is 100% pure and beneficial THC oil that can meet the highest expectations. It is safe to use, comes with all the advantages from the book and it tastes superb.

Different strains of cannabis available

It is a mandatory task to include the details regarding the cartridge in the complete Flavrx review. So how appealing and what available options are there. First of all, you need to know that there are many different strains of cannabis available in the Black Label line. You can choose between Grand Daddy Purple, Indica and Sativa strains. Each one is different and it is impossible to tell you which one should be the best possible choice for you and your requirements. All we can add is that the THC oils feel solid and appealing but the differences are massive.

We liked the Sativa strain the best. The Grand Daddy Purple is appealing as well. The oils feel like candy when turned into vape and there is some remarkable, yet strange feeling involved. It is very difficult to express it with words and you will honestly have to try the cartridges in order to find the one that is the most suitable for you. Make sure to check all of them and to find the one that is just right. We can add that you will have great fun and you will probably enjoy more in finding the suitable strain and THC oil than ever before.

Value for money

Flavrx vape pen and available cartridges are a bit expensive. This is possible due to the fact the brand uses high-end metals and components to make their products. Each one is crafted perfectly with a high level of attention to detail. We must add that the pen looks great and it can be compared only with the high-end products, similar in size. Still, the price is higher than we would like and this may be an issue for some of you.

When it comes to cartridges they are smaller but expensive. They offer 250 and 300 mg as the most common alternatives but there are larger units also. Flavrx 1000mg is available as well and it may be the best value for money. You get plenty of oil and you get the ability to enjoy the best possible THC oil which isn’t as strong as you may think.

Flavrx lab results

We are proud to reveal that the company offers lab tests for all their products online and you can easily obtain them. The laboratory responsible for the tests is SC Labs and they have tested all the products of this company available on the market. Flavrx potency is above average, there are no artificial ingredients and there are no contaminants present. Users get the high-end oil that may be expensive but definitely worthy.

SC Labs are professionals with years of experience. We checked their credentials and their facilities and can add that the laboratory is one of the best. There are no issues or concerns to worry about and there are no drawbacks related. The products we are discussing here are safe to use and they meet all the possible expectations.

What about a vape pen?

You have seen the famous and popular Flavrx vape pen on the market, online and in the ads. The product is different than any other you were able to purchase and comes with a unique design. Don’t forget that we are referring to the all-new version which is upgraded and improved. Now, it is better made, comes with a higher level to detail and can withstand harder applications. The pen itself is made from solid metals and comes with a ceramic base. The main advantage is still the expendable design. This makes the pen easy to use and once you are done, you can fold it and carry it in the smallest pocket. It may sound strange and weird but this actually works and the pen itself is extremely comfortable, appealing to use and practical.

Refilling the pen is the next best thing. It is a simple process that requires just a few seconds and you can get back to the THC oil consumption. The vape itself is one of the best we tried. It is loaded with nice flavors and the size of it is impressive. Additionally, we must add that the Flavrx pens won’t damage or lose a part of the oil. Even the smallest part of it will be turned into vape and you can feel its strength once it is done.

The bottom line here is that the product we tested is great, well-made and compact. You will like using it while traveling and when space is an issue. Probably the main reason why it is expensive is the foldable design. There is the special battery involved and it can justify the price. We also liked the finish color. Despite the name black label, it is gold and it looks perfect.

Wattage and volts of the cartridges

Some of you will already know that the Flavrx battery is powerful. The box mode is one of the strongest units available online and there is a perfectly good reason for that. It operates at 4.5 V or more precisely 14.4 Watts. This is needed in order to provide the power the cartridge needs to burn efficiently and to provide the oil you actually need. We tested the voltage and wattage for a long period of time and the performance stayed always the same.

The power is perfectly reasonable and can be considered as one of the biggest and the simplest advantages the unit offers. Anyway, we enjoyed and probably you will also. The settings are appealing and they can help you get the most out of the oil.

How long the effects can last?

Here we have some good and not so good news. The effects start very soon after you inhale and they are reasonably powerful. Of course, this will depend on the oil you are using. Some oils are known to provide much quicker and more powerful effects within seconds, while others do require some time and their effect intensity is lower.

The effects last shorter than other oils provide meaning it can be considered as an advantage or as a drawback. If you are in a hurry and you want to get high in less time and to eliminate the traces soon, this is definitely a perk. If you, on the other hand, want to the longest effect you will need a more powerful oil. It is up to you and be free to choose accordingly to your needs.

You can see and find Flavrx for sale online and see the length of the effects for each product. This is something you need to do if you are looking for a specific length of the effects. Keep in mind that there are countless options available and you can always choose the one that matches your needs perfectly. Don’t forget that the oils are 80-85% in purity which is average. Some are even rated at 90% but we won’t mention them here. They deserve special and separate attention.


  • Impressive and practical design.
  • Plenty of the oils and cartridges available on the market.
  • All the products are tested and approved by the laboratory.
  • It is considered as one of the most beautiful products of this kind.
  • All major and popular strains are supported.
  • Great to use while traveling.
  • Wattage and voltage are optimal.


  • High price of the products.
  • Some THC oils are weaker than average.

What other users have to say about the brand and their products?

In the lack of a better word, all the users have positive comments. The brand has over 720 reviews and the overall rate is 4.3 out of 5 stars. Honestly, we would rate the brand with the same score which is more than just appropriate.

Users like the quality and the candy alike flavor of the oils. They also like the versatility and offers the brand provides. The lab test is definitely one of the most important and the most desirable additions all companies of this kind should or better said must have. You will have a great time using any of their products and you will be perfectly happy knowing that they are safe to use.

Same as we, the users noticed that the price is higher than usual. Some oils are known for short effects that don’t last as long as users wanted. If this happens to you, make sure to choose another oil, preferably with a higher THC concentration and try it. The vape pen is powerful enough to burn all available oils and there won’t be any complications present.

Last but not least, users like the fact the pen doesn’t waste oil. Even the smallest and the lowest trace will be used.

The final word

All Flavrx reviews have the end and this one is no different. All we can add at the moment is that the brand and their products are worthy of consideration. They are perfectly made, THC oils are delivered using a special method that isn’t available for other brands and the end result is fantastic. If the price isn’t an issue or you are a newbie to this realm, these oils and vape pens are definitely the best possible outcome you can make.

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