How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test


Companies were trying for a long time to find a better drug test than the urine one. And finally, they came up with a new option: the hair follicle drug test. At first, this might sound challenging but it is not. You can beat this test just like you can beat the urine one. However, testing hair is different than testing urine. So, you need a different approach.

In this article you will find everything you need to know about this hair drug test and, more importantly, you will discover different ways to beat it. So, if you want to know how to pass a hair follicle test, keep on reading!

What Is A Hair Follicle Drug Test

These are some of the best drug tests available and they are based on hair follicles. Hair follicles store proof of your drug use, in case this exists. Just like its name implies, hair drug testing is a lab test that detects drug consumption by testing your hair. The medical field discovered the blood takes different substances towards your hair.

The main substances that can be found in your hair are toxins you ingested or inhaled in the past months. Each individual is different and so is their hair. But such a scan will find the substance they are looking for regardless of your individual hair type. During the drug testing process, the specialist will take a hair sample instead of you having to bring synthetic urine for example.

It is worth mentioning that this hair test will work the same for body hair too. So, if you don’t have enough head hair, they will look for other body hair to use. But the drug testing is a lot more efficient and easy with a hair sample from your head because it stores more substance information.

Your hair records drug use history between up to 90 days and even one year in the past. Unlike urine test which reveals drug use just for the past few days, the hair drug testing seems to be the options companies prefer nowadays.

Any drug substance gets stored inside the hair shaft as well as on top of it. They can reveal the frequency with which the person tested consumed drugs and even the amount they took by just taking a close look inside your hair follicle.

This hair drug testing method is efficient for detecting almost all types of drugs from THC, cocaine, LSD to methamphetamine and other drug types. These scans find alcohol use as well as other toxins. However, alcohol is not something that companies will pay attention too much. Even if this drug testing can detect drug use for the past year, most companies only consider the past three months prior to the test.  So, they will take just the length of hair they need to for this type of short term drug testing. Your future workplace will check for certain substances. Main drug consumption is a fact they look for and THC consumption too. They might contact you before the screening to tell you what are their main expectations.

What Happens During The Hair Drug Test

The hair testing for drugs comes with a very simple procedure. The person in charge of collecting your hair sample will simply take a hair of a minimum of 1.5 inches and store it in a sealed container until the lab will test it. Your hair test will be actually that easy. To pass a hair scan is the tricky part. But the drug testing process itself, will not create any discomfort.

The 1.5 inches is the length your hair is growing in approximately 90 days, which is the time frame companies are concerned about. So your hair grows quite a bit in such a short period of time. You can expect test results in a maximum of three days from drug testing from hair. And when it comes to accuracy, your hair will offer accurate results for sure.

The scan might take place at your potential workplace and you should receive the result personally.

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test

And now let’s get to the most interesting part of this article. Is it possible to pass such a complex hair follicle test? As a matter of fact, it is not only possible to pass drug testing with hair, but you have several methods to help you pass it successfully. We are going to go through all the hair follicle drug test passing methods that you can apply!

Get ready to give your hair a serious treat to remove that hair follicle drug! Also, if they asked you about drug consumption at the interview, denying it is probably your best starting point. That is if you want to be on the selected panel of potential employees. Once you denied that, you can get ready for a deep cleanse to back it up.

Don’t Consume Drugs For Up To 110 Days Prior To Your Testing Day

This is most likely the surest option for passing a hair follicle drug test. But it might not be easy for everyone because companies usually don’t give you such a long notice for a follicle drug test. By applying this method you will abstain from consuming any type of drugs that are not tolerated by your future employer, at least 110 days prior to your interview. So, your hair should be clean when the time comes to take the hair follicle drug test.

If you are lucky enough to know your drug test date so much in advance, and you want to obtain the job, refraining from drug consumption is worth it. The 110 time period is not a random one. You need to give yourself this time yo let your hair grow for 1.5 inches. Therefore, after 110 days with no drug consumption, your drug test should turn out perfectly clean. If you want to stay clean, this is definitely a great method for you. However, even if you do know the drug test date three more than months before, this is not the only option you have to get rid of any drug trace. You can eliminate any substance from your hair in a different way too.

Note that smoked drugs such as THC will be detected too so you want to stay away from them as well even if you only do them socially. They will still remain in your system and you need the 110 days window of time to get them out.

Shave Your Hair Off

When you need to get a hair follicle drug test, the easiest way to avoid it might seem to shave your body. This might seem like a great idea at first but looking deeper into it, there are significant issues with this strategy.

First of all, as we mentioned, you should shave your entire body. If you don’t have hair on your head, the person in charge might suggest taking a sample from other areas of your body. You have to consider your body hair as well if you want to be completely safe. Shaving your entire body is not exactly a pleasant experience but leaving body hair available is risky.

Secondly, many employers find it very suspicious when they interview people completely bold. It is too obvious to not raise question marks regarding how clean you are. So, going to an interview completely bold might actually indicate drug consumption rather than eliminate it.

Use Homemade Remedies

If you are not a fan of the first two methods, there is no need to despair. You have other options to consider so you can pass a drug hair follicle test. How about making your own detox solution right in the comfort of your house? This is not the easiest method to go for but it has fair chances of success when it comes to removing drug traces.

These homemade remedies will work mostly on removing THC drug traces but you can have high hopes of removing other drugs as well. One of the most popular recipes includes a mixture of Aloe Rid shampoo, vinegar, and salicylic acid. This method is known as the Growman/Macujo. You will create a homogeneous mix and use it to wash your hair daily for up to ten days before the drug scan. Know that apple cider vinegar alone will not cleanse your hair. You have to combine it with a detox solution to get the result you want! To pass such a test you need a deeper cleansing than simple apple cider vinegar.

Other methods like the Jerry G one, include bleach, peroxide and baking soda which removes a significant amount of chemicals from your hair. They are all efficient if you want to get a drug or more off your hair. Most of these remedies include aloe rid so this remains a constant. Aloe rid is perfect for a rid detox shampoo to clean your head hair!

However, keep in mind that both these methods but primarily the Jerry G. one will damage your hair. So, you might need to go through a healing phase after you do them and cutting your hair to allow it to regenerate might become an option afterward as well. But most likely, you will pass the hair drug test!

Try A Detox Shampoo

Now that we went through the hard methods of passing a hair follicle drug test, it is time to get to the easiest and most popular one: using a Detox shampoo. Hair detox seems to be the most appreciated option! There are several shampoos on the market that allow you to remove chemicals from your hair prior to these tests. If you want to eliminate all the drugs from your hair so you can be safely tested, it is worth the investment in such products.

These shampoos have secret formulas and you need to make sure you invest in the original versions of them because there are many copies on the market. Some good brands that you can count on for passing a drug test are: Aloe Toxin Rid, Ultra Clean shampoo, and Clear Choice. There are other products available as well but these three are the ones that will most likely not fail you.

All drug test shampoos come with clear instructions. The manufacturer also tells you the conditions to use them in so you get accurate results. If you use these shampoos correctly, the lab will not be able to detect any drug traces in your hair while it is tested.

The detox shampoo brands mentioned here work because they are able to penetrate the hair shaft. Inside the hair shaft, there are plenty of chemicals from drug use that are easy to detect during the drug test. So, you want a shampoo that will get deep inside your hair follicle. Such a product should help you pass the hair follicle drug scan easily.

You can find these products online and order them to any location. But make sure to go through the list of ingredients. For instance, shampoos that are rich in detergent as part of their formula might damage your hair more than others. It is not called for detergent when it comes to such products since other chemicals are just as efficient. So, pay attention when you order and contact the seller if you have any questions.

Bonus tip: Dying your hair will not reduce the drugs evidence within it. hair dye just covers the hair with a layer of chemicals without eliminating any drugs. So, if you thought about this as a solution, it will mot work.

How To Use Detox Shampoos For A Drug Test

You might wonder how these shampoos work. Well, while there are differences between them, they all have common points as well. Here are some points to consider with these shampoos so you can be sure of a good test result! Keep in mind your body hair as well because it might get tested too!

Using them several days before the test seems to be a good strategy. Some shampoos are meant to be used for ten days on average, on a daily basis and even two times a day, before the hair follicle drug tests. You can find shampoos like Ultra Clean that should be used on the day of the test. But even in this case, you should use a different detox shampoo for ten days prior, such as Aloe Toxin Rid. If you have long hair make sure you cover it all to remove drugs properly. drugs can be tracked on top of your hair as well as inside of it. People tend to use these shampoos as much as possible and many times before the screening. Other people just get a shampoo for the day of the screening. You can choose how much you use a detox method before you are sure of the results. Truth be told, you only have one try at these tests. So, using it too many times can’t really be a bad idea as you would not take any risks.

Rub your shampoo all over your hair so you are sure to cover all parts of it. To be sure such a detox shampoo takes action, you should leave it in your hair for ten or 15 minutes, according to the information that it comes with. The more you do it, the better this method will work. If you want a positive screening you can’t overdo it. Marijuana screening is the most common one too. And if you just enjoy some marijuana occasionally, you would get an accurate good result with these shampoos.

Invest in a purifying conditioner as well. You can find purifying solutions in some detox shampoo kits so you don’t have to purchase them separately. It is important to use the entire kit just the way it was intended. The shampoo has the purpose of getting deep into the hair follicle and remove the drug traces. At the same time, the purifier will clean the surface of your hair and the conditioner will leave it smooth and shiny. Because you want clean hair but you also want healthy hair.

If you used them correctly, these detox shampoos will not damage your hair in any way. They will remove almost all drugs and really clean your hair.


Passing a hair drug test is definitely not impossible. It might be more difficult than passing a urine drug test because you can’t bring fake hair to the test. But if you apply one or more of the methods in this guide you can be sure of your successful results!

Keep in mind that drugs stay in your blood a long time and your blood supplies your hair daily. So, all the information your blood carries passed to the hair shaft on a regular basis. This is not a fact just for marijuana but for many other drugs. However, companies usually screen for selective drugs so not all of them matter. Alcohol or nicotine are not really significant drugs you will find on a company’s panel so you don’t have to worry about those.

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