Sunsoil CBD Review: The Pros And Cons

Since the Farm Bill of 2018 was passed, there has been a skyrocketing growth in the CBD industry. Products that use processed CBD extracts are becoming more and more popular.  In addition, more people are trying out CBD products because of its numerous medicinal benefits.  One of the producers of the best CBD products in the market is Sunsoil, which already has different products that contain Cannabidiol.

But Isn’t It Green Mountain?

Sunsoil was known before as the Green Mountain CBD, a leading CBD oil manufacturer in the Northeast. It is known for being the third-largest CBD producer nationally. Late in February this year, the brand decided to change name into Sunsoil. This decision was announced by CEO Alejandro Bergad. Since then, all of the products from Green Mountain are now being manufactured as Sunsoil CBD.

Everything You Need To Know About Sunsoil CBD

Now that hemp production and manufacturing are legalized in most states in the country, people are more aware of its medicinal properties. People are trying different ways to incorporate the substance for consumption. If you’re new in the market, here are the things that you need to know to get started.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabis sativa, or commonly known as marijuana, has over 100 chemical compounds that can be found in its leaves and stems. Although the plant contains substances that can create psychoactive reactions, it also has Cannabidiol or CBD, which is a component that helps in pain relief and has anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, CBD oil has been used to treat conditions such as arthritis and chronic pain.

Is It Legal?

Purchasing and using CBD products is federally legal, according to PBS. However, the product should have a 0% THC content or within the 0.03% content threshold. There are state laws which put some restrictions to the buyers. An example of restrictions applied is a required prescription. All in all, as long as the product is within the 0.03% threshold, it is deemed as a legal purchase.

Will this make me high?

Cannabidiol is an anti-inflammatory substance and not a psychoactive ingredient. The chemical compound that makes someone high when Marijuana is consumed is called the Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This compound can be found in high dosages in the marijuana plant. However, the THC content in hemp is minimal. The hemp plant contains more CBD than THC, which is why it is commonly used for medicinal purposes such as arthritis, asthma, bloating, and syphilis.

Sunsoil CBD Oil / Green Mountain CBD Review

Previously known as the Green Mountain CBD oil, the Sunsoil CBD Oil is currently the major product of the company. It is available in three different variants and sizes. The product is packaged in an easy to use a bottle that can contain 60ml. The products are available in two dosages. You can choose between 600mg or 1200mg CBD content, depending on your preference.

In our Sunsoil CBD review, different factors of the tinctures are tested and evaluated. The taste, potency, and quality of the product are tested. When buying CBD products, it’s important to know everything about the product that you’re getting. There are four factors to consider: potency, lab testing, taste, and where the hemp plant came from.  Continue reading to find out if this product is the right one for your CBD needs.


The taste of a CBD product is one of the major factors that affects whether someone will be on board the CBD train or not. Although there are people who prefer mixing their CBD products to other food or beverages to get rid of the taste, there are people who would want to take their CBD products directly.

Other CBD manufacturers prefer to process their products until there is no smell or aftertaste left. However, this usually reduces the effect of the substance. Instead of that, Sunsoil offers its products with available flavors. CBD tinctures are available in both Chocolate Mint and Cinnamon flavor, perfect for those who want to use the product in pastries. Overall, both the Chocolate Mint and Cinnamon flavor are well received and go well with the users’ taste buds. There is also an unflavored variety for those who prefer it.


Sunsoil makes sure that its products are minimally processed. This helps them cut down the price and makes it more accessible to users. Also, because the raw materials are minimally processed, more of the all-natural components of the plant stay. You can take the products in 10mg or 20mg per dose, which is enough to give the stress relief and general wellness effect. If you prefer stronger oils, take the 1200mg product, this gives 20mg per dosage or 60 servings per bottle.


According to the company, for each mg of their products, the customers only paying $0.05. The 600mg tincture is available for only $30 while the 1200mg tincture is available for $60. If you opt for an unflavored product, 600mg is priced at $30, which is still a good price. Sunsoil’s farming and extraction processes are very efficient, that’s why they can offer their products at a low price,

THC Content

Each Sunsoil products are tested for THC content, which can also be found in hemp in small amounts. The company makes sure that its products will highlight the medicinal benefits of the hemp plant. Sunsoil complies with the legal threshold of 0.03% THC content or less to ensure that minimal or no psychoactive effects will be achieved.

Lab Testing

As per the law, CBD products need transparency to establish trust between the customers, the company, and the government. Sunsoil products are tested in third-party, ISO-accredited labs for THC and other contents. The testing is done in every batch of CBD oil manufactured in the facilities of the company. These products are not packaged unless they passed the high standard of the company and the lab which is testing it.

In addition to this effort, each bottle contains a QR code that customers can scan to know the contents of their products. Sunsoil also included information about the ingredient profile. The quality control methods, and the certificate of analysis.

 Where Is Sunsoil CBD Oil Produced?

The raw materials are grown in their farm located at Vermont. No pesticides or herbicides are used during the farming process. Each crop batches doesn’t have GMOs. Instead, the company uses crop rotation and traditional farming methods to ensure that their products are organic and is free of chemicals.

As for the extraction of CBD oil, the company uses the process called the “lipid extraction”. This method uses organic coconut or MCT and heat to extract the CBD from the hemp. No harsh materials and chemicals are used. With lipid extraction, increases the bioavailability of the CBD extracted. Because of this, the products are easier to get absorbed in the bloodstream.

Overall Shopping Experience

The Sunsoil site is simple yet very informative. Each listing shows the price, flavor, and potency, which is an important factor of every purchase. The experience is fast and the shipping services are good. Expect your products to be delivered from the facility to your door within five business days (for orders within the country). Overall, the shopping experience is great and requires less effort. Anyone can use the site services to make a purchase.

Sections That Need Improvement

There’s always a pro and a con in every product. Sunsoil products are excellent for both starters and experienced users. However, there are cons that might or might not be a deal-breaker for the customers. These are the things you need to know before buying the products.

  1. Unflavored Flavor is only available in a 600mg Tinctures

This might be a great deal breaker for more experienced users who would want more strength in their tinctures unflavored. Instead of buying one product, users would need to buy more because the unflavored one is only available at one size.

  1. You can only buy higher dosage n Cinnamon flavor

Although Sunsoil products are available at 1200mg potency, it is only offered through cinnamon flavor. This might not sit well with users who hate cinnamon.

  1. Confusion for old users

Sunsoil was known by its long-time users are Green Mountain. Although this problem will go away with time with brand familiarity, this is a short-term hassle for long-time customers. According to the official site, the company changed from Green Mountain to Sunsoil because they cannot trademark the old name. Gets the job done, but it is not that fantastic.

  1. The dropper is average

The dropper is not that fantastic, but it gets the job done. If this affects your CBD experience, then this might serve as a great deal-breaker for you. You can opt for capsule and soft gel products instead.

Other Products From Sunsoil

Sunsoil CBD Soft gels

The Sunsoil CBD soft gels are available in packages of 30 and 90 full spectrum options. Each soft gel has 20mg of dosage, which is a great alternative for users who would want to have a higher dosage and don’t really want to use tinctures. You can get these products for $30 and $90 for 30- and 90- soft gel counts respectively.

Sunsoil CBD Capsules

There is also an option for capsule products with 20mg dosage. It is also available in 30- and 90- capsules. Both the soft gels and capsules use a coconut oil base. Similar to the soft gel option, the Sunsoil CBD capsule is also available for $30 and $90.

Sunsoil CBD Coconut Oil

Sunsoil CBD Coconut oil uses an organic coconut oil extract which is infused with CBD oil. This can be consumed as-is or use with other food or beverages. Additionally, the product can be used as a topical and can be consumed by pets to treat hyperactivity and anxiety conditions. A 1ml  spoon is included to make consumption more convenient. Each 1ml is equal to the dosage of a soft gel or capsule.

Sunsoil Shipping And Returns Policy

If you’re having a problem with your product or is not satisfied with what you received, you can initiate a return procedure and get a refund. The shipping for replacements is shouldered by the company. In order to request a refund successfully, you should make a request within 30 days of your purchase. Contact info@sunsoil.com to proceed to your request. Make sure that you provide your name and order number when you contact the customer service representative. Shipping for products will be within five business days within the continental United States. Each order under $80 will be charged with $3.48 shipping while those that are above $80 will have a $6.10 shipping fee

About Sunsoil

Formerly known as GreenMountain CBD, Sunsoil is one of the biggest producers of CBD oil in the market. It was founded by Alejandro Bergad and Jacob Goldstein in 2015. The hemp used in their products is made with natural and organic farming which are both cost-effective and efficient. All their hemp sources are farmed in the Northeast Kingdom in Hardwick, Vermont to utilize the rich soil and good weather present in the area. One of its main goal is to provide high-quality yet affordable CBD products to the market.


Overall, Sunsoil is a company that produces high-quality full-spectrum, low to mid-strength CBD oil tinctures to its customers. It doesn’t contain GMOs and can be incorporated into a vegetarian diet. It is one of the more affordable options when it comes to CBD products, with only $0.05 per mg pricing. You can get your products online or visit their retail locations nationwide.

Sunsoil products are highly recommended for people who are first-time users of CBD because of the acceptable dosage. Their products can also be recommended for any users who take CBD products for general wellness and stress relief, as well as for people who suffer from chronic pain and conditions. Value shoppers will also be happy to see the prices of Sunsoil products.

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