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Passing drug tests might be difficult but not impossible. And since the most common drug tests nowadays are pee tests, you should consider investing in synthetic urine. The most common search people try when they need such a product is “synthetic urine near me”. Such a search should give you the best results for your location.

But if you don’t want to waste time or take any risks, here is a complete guide to help you buy synthetic urine fast and cheap! In this guide you will find head shops options to help you buy synthetic urine near easily!

What Is Synthetic Urine

Before we dive into the best items that you can buy, you might be wondering what synthetic urine actually is. This is synthetic urine that will help you pass the drug test. Manufacturers make fake urine be very similar to human urine.

The best synthetic urine on the market will contain things like creatine, urea, uric acid, nitrates and it will also have the right pH level similar to human pee. So, these are key ingredients you should look for in fake pee.

This fake urine also smells like real human urine and it is based on an adequate amount of water and minerals. If synthetic urine has the right amount of these ingredients, it should pass the lab test and bring you a negative drug test result.  Keep reading to find the best “synthetic urine near me” items for you! If you need to buy synthetic urine, there are more things to consider. One of them is the list of ingredients which is essential.


Now that you are aware of what synthetic urine is, let’s see what are the top three fake pee products on the market! The following items will help you pass a drug test and get the job you want with no risks. You can find them near your location or order them from a near store. All of them are a quick fix for your drug test needs! check them out to buy synthetic urine any time you want. So, without further due, here are the best synthetic urine brands for drug testing that you can find in online stores!

1. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 Plus 3oz

If you are looking to buy synthetic urine near, this Quick Fix product might be the best choice for you. This item will help you pass a drug test easily. You can purchase three products and you receive the fourth one as a bonus. This is a head shop item and you will be very grateful for using it.

Inside the kit you will find synthetic urine (3 oz), one heating pad, a temperature strip made of plastic, and all the instructions you need to follow. An important aspect of this item is that it will work for both men and women. It is already mixed and you will not have to worry about any mixing or diluting tasks.

Among the ingredients of this synthetic urine you will find creatine, urea and uric acid, it has the proper pH level and specific gravity as well as the right amount of water.

You will be pleased to discover that this is one of the budget-friendly products as well. So you can forget all about the over-priced products and count on this convenient option.

How To Use This Kit For Maximum Results

You will have to remove the lid of the container and heat it up until you bring it to a temperature between 94 degrees F and 100 degrees F. This should take around 10 seconds. Once your synthetic urine is at the right temperature, add the lid back on and shake. You can test the temperature using the sterile strip. Also, attach the urine bottle to the heating pad you receive with this kit.

You can reheat these products several times as long as it stays within its expiration date. You don’t have to put it in the fridge or freezer as it will stay just fine at room temperature. This is the best Quick Fix synthetic urine near kits that you will find!

2. Powdered Urine Kit

Another synthetic urine that you can invest in is this kit from Test Clear. This kit is different than the first one as it comes in the form of a powder. This item is one of the urine kits that simulate human urine to the smallest details. It contains uric acid as well as all the other ingredients you would expect to find in high-quality synthetic urine. Plus, the manufacturer is one of the head shops in the industry.

It will help you pass any type of urine drug test as it smells and looks just like human urine that is toxin-free. Inside the package, you will find everything to mix this powder at home, except for the water which you can find easily in your house or purchase it from the store. You get a 50 ml container that follows medical standards, a temperature strip and a heater that is air-activated.

How To Use This Kit For Maximum Results

You probably know that you need to submit a urine sample of minimum of 45 ml to be valid for the drug test. Which is why this kit comes with a 50 ml container. All you have to do is mix the synthetic urine powder with a minimum of 50 ml of water and gently shake the bottle. If you want a more diluted sample you can add up to 75 ml of water. Once you do that, heat it up until it reads a temperature between 90 degrees F and 100 degrees F on the temperature strip. You can use this strip[ more than once and it is very reliable.

Also, there is no need to refrigerate this product or freeze it either. It will stay valid for as long as the expiration terms indicate. The price it comes at is very good too so you don’t have to break your budget to get this kit. If you are looking for a quick fix kit, there is no need to look any farther. There are rights reserved attached to this purchase that works in your favor so read the instructions carefully.

3. Quick Luck Premixed Urine Kit

The last but just as efficient synthetic urine kit is this product from Clear Choice. It is a bit pricier than other similar kits but it also has a great quality that you can count on. This is a premium false urine kit that will help you pass even the most complicated drug tests. Also, this product is the result of over 15 years of research in the industry so it is highly perfected. This is another one of the head shops that you will not fail with!

Among the ingredients of this false urine you will find 11 chemicals that simulate human urine pee. Ingredients like uric acid, urea, and a unisex pH will make this the perfect synthetic urine kit you can come across. Inside the kit you will find the synthetic urine the same that comes pre-mixed, two heating pads as well as a heat activator. The heat activator will get the fake pee to the human body temperature in a matter of seconds. At the same time, the heating pads will maintain this temperature for up to eight hours. You also get a temperature strip that is reusable and allows you to read the urine temperature anytime you want.

How To Use This Kit For Maximum Results

The container comes with three oz of fake urine. You shouldn’t open this container until the day of the test. If you open the bottle several days before the test you risk to contaminate it. The only time you should remove the cap is when you need to read the temperature of this fake pee. Use the heat activator to bring it to body temperature and the heating pads to maintain it at this temperature. Test the temperature with the included strip before submitting the sample of synthetic urine.

You can rely on the great results of this fake urine kit every time you need to pass a drug test. But you can use it if you are planning to make a prank for a friend as well since it resemblances real human urine in a very faithful way.


As you can see, urine drug tests are not a problem if you have the best synthetic urine kit. All the products in this guide are highly reliable and very easy to use at home. You will get the best results and fair chances to obtain the job you want with no hassle!

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