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Every hobby has means by which it can become more fun, aesthetic or productive. As always, we keep track of accessories that improve and enhance the smoking experience. Some devices make the process of rolling more simple and stylish, others make the smoke smoother and easier to inhale. The market of 420 products has become so diverse that everyone is able to collect a unique smoking kit. This small article will introduce some tiny but useful smoking devices that can be a good gift to your friends. Check out iSmokeFresh CBD section for great deals.

1) RAW Bean Bag Tray, Size XXL


Use the tray every time you roll and prevent herbs and tobacco laying all around the place. RAW beanbag tray is built to form perfectly to your lap whilst rolling. The beanbag is detachable (held by the magnets) and filled with buckwheat pillows. These for centuries have been used by far east Asians for meditation. The natural material doesn’t reflect or retain heat, which makes it comfy to keep on the knees even at hottest days. The size of 20″ x 15″ creates enough space for your creativity. Roll the biggest and the most sophisticated joints.

2) RAW Adjustable Automatic Rolling Box 79 mm


A great innovation from RAW company – an adjustable automatic rolling box. You can mount the apron in 2 different ways. One position will let you roll thin joints, whereas the other will make them fat. It is made of steel and finished off with chrome, which gives the box nice and smooth feel. A non-stretch apron ensures that joints will pop out perfectly rolled. As with all RAW products expect a high quality and numerous brand logos all over the device. If you have a friend who likes to puff from time to time, but still struggles to roll a decent joint – finish those struggles once and for all!

3) RAW x Wiz Khalifa Pre-rolled Cones, 3/Pack

A collaboration of RAW with one of the most iconic characters related to MJ – a rapper, singer, song writer, actor and a stoner – Wiz Khalifa! Enjoy the short time needed between your desire to smoke and actual process. No rolling, just pack up the cone, blaze and relax.

4) RAW Classic 1 1/4 Rolling Papers

If you are not a complete rookie in this business you must have noticed the popularity of this papers for rolling. Why is that? RAW papers are one of the few that were designed specifically for smoking cannabis. They are made of just plants and contain no chalk or burning additive, which excludes any additional tastes besides the original cannabis when smoking. Since it is the most popular disposable accessory in the herbs market you will always find a moment to use them.

5) RAW Catcher

How many times you have seen yourself or baked friend burning the sofa or something else with ash falling from the joint? I’ve seen plenty! Just a bit of engineering solved this problem forever. Ash catcher is the ultimate protection from burn marks on your clothes and furniture. It is made of heat-resistant nylon – wont melt even under the fattest joint. Use it for reaching the complete nirvana right on the sofa!

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